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Hey Everyone!

Well, I’ve not updated this site in an incredibly long time and will not be doing so again. I’ve changed my career from screenwriting to novel writing. I’m just a few months away from self-publishing and posting a weekly chapter of a fantasy novelette. If you are interested, check it out here:

Take care all!

Prioritizing Priorities

Writing. Getting groceries. Day job. Going to the movies. Meeting up with friends. Making time with the girlfriend. Getting a haircut. Seeing the eye doctor. Catching up on TV shows. Upgrading the computer. Excising. Doing a bit of video editing. Finding a new day job. Posting on the blog.

So much to do, so little time in which to do them.

The above are not in any order of importance, but it’s a slice of the stuff that has got to be gotten done within a given month. Some are more fun than other, and other need to be done more than others.

I turned twenty-eight a couple weeks ago and… yeah, no longer can I skirt the edges of “mid-twenties”, I am officially late-twenties. Normally that kind of thing would have been freaked, but I had been working twelve days straight by that time and was too tired to really care. I guess that’s the secret of adulthood.

Welp, time to get crackin’! Here are my priorities in reverse order:

Priority #4 – Creative Projects

Writing, video editing, maybe doing something on Etsy? I’ve got a list of fun stuff I can do, but they doesn’t satisfy my #2 (Building Income). Some of the stuff I’m working on, like my script for the Nocholl Fellowship is at the top of my #4, but it is no sure thing and even if I make it, the money won’t be forthcoming quickly, so it’s a bit on the back burner.

Priority #3 – Personal Maintenance

Getting my eyes re-examined, getting a hair cut (I’m practically chewing on my hair), losing those extra twenty pounds around my middle. These are more expenses than anything, but looking good, feeling good, and having functioning eyesight are reasonably important. I’ve not been keeping up with these as faithfully as I should so these need to be a bit more forefront.

Priority #2 – Building Income

Money. It’s not a single source that cuts it anymore, diversity of revenue is the key to the future. Frakking economy. So while maybe airing a popular youtube channel or podcast or something can be a nice little trickle of extra pocket money and possibly something that would ad a nice chunk to my W-2, I need a base income to sustain myself. My current job in food service is enough to spill a bit into my savings, but it’s a soul sucking, thankless, overworking, pain in the ass. So I need another one. All my life I’ve been avoiding the white collar nine-to-five office job, and now they are looking pretty interesting. Steady hours, a dress code that’s above a t-shirt, and I don’t have to smell like edible product all day.

Priority #1 – Friends & Family

No matter what, above all else, it’s the people in our lives that matter the most. Relationships are what can be taken from one stage to the next. Jobs come and go, tragety and elation come and go; parents, siblings, extended family, children, spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, high school buddies, college colleges, co-workers you can stand, random connections in random places, these should be your number one priorities.

And so with these priorities, I trudge the final laps towards my thirties and hopefully my priorities will shift to where money isn’t an issue, I can work on what ever tickles my fancy, and technology will make health problems a thing of the past. It’s the new American Dream.

Take care everyone!

LA Screenwriter

A new article in discusses a study that shows scientific papers that are initially rejected ultimately have a greater impact in the long run:

Just had your paper rejected? Don’t worry — that might boost its ultimate citation tally. An excavation of scientific papers’ usually hidden prepublication trajectories from journal to journal has found that papers published after having first been rejected elsewhere receive significantly more citations on average than ones accepted on first submission.

Of course, scientific papers aren’t screenplays, but the trend holds true.

Rejection is an essential part of the writing process. Your ideas, your individual scenes, and your lines of dialogue will all be picked at and turned down countless times before your screenplay is ultimately accepted. But those mini and major rejections shouldn’t get you down — they should empower you to learn from what you’ve done so far and press forward.

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The Mask of Reason

Spoiler Alert!  Avoid reading this post if you haven’t seen The Avengers.

No really, look away!

O.k., let’s talk about The Avengers, the highest grossing movie so far this year, and the movie on track to potentially unseat James Cameron’s Avatar as highest grossing movie of all time.  Specifically, I want to talk about the writing and Loki, the film’s key villain.  More specifically, I want to explain how Joss Whedon managed to write the perfect Xanatos Gambit.

For those who don’t know or didn’t click the link above, a Xanatos Gambit (named for the villain Xanatos from Disney’s Gargoyles cartoon) is a plan that literally cannot fail because win or lose, the villain wins.  This is one of those “I wanted you to beat me all along” scenarios, where defeating the villain somehow means the hero still loses.  This isn’t changing your plans to compensate or getting lucky…

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4 of a Kind- The Kickstarter Campaign

Final Numbers:

Total Backers: 809

Total Pledged: $64,515

Average pledge per backer: $79

Highest pledge: $2,500

Dollars pledged from Kickstarter website (search, discover): $4,957

Total backers and the amount pledged referred from Twitter: 238 backers who contributed $11,112

Total amount pledged referred from Facebook: $17,541

I’ve never been one to say “things happen for a reason” because I don’t believe they do. People only say that when bad things happen. It’s never said about something positive. So, the Kickstarter didn’t work out, none of which had anything to do with pre-determination or fate or whatever. I’ll go into a very long post below. Seriously, it’s definitely a TLDR (Too long Didn’t read) type of post.

This post and the preceding 39 blog entries were meant as a useful guide to future Kickstarter creators. While I may have been too honest at some points which turned some people off as to my…

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pitchThe novelist has been around for a long time enduring criticism, rejection and failure, but the screenwriter is a modern vocation dating back to the 1900’s and the silent era of filmmaking.  The screenplay is an ever-changing, almost “live” document that is the blueprint of a motion picture.   As you journey deeper into your screenwriting adventure, you’ll learn that everything you write in the script is vulnerable to changes.  This is why filmmaking is truly a collaborative art form with hundreds of craftspeople giving their input into a finished motion picture—but it all starts with your script. You must fight against the forces of procrastination because this destructive habit will sink your plans every time. It comes from your fear.  I completely understand the thinking: If you put off writing it, then you’ll never be judged or criticized.  Seems logical.  You’ll never have to face the hard fact that it…

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Your hero’s development

“Your hero’s development depends on what beliefs he starts with, how he challenges them, and how they have changed by the end of the story. This is one of the ways you can make the story uniquely yours.”

– John Truby, Anatomy of Story, p81

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Steph Olivieri Bourbon ~ Writing Coach

Did everyone catch last night’s summer finale of Suits? Man I love that show. I didn’t think that I would but it has quickly made its way up the ladder into my top 5. Honestly, this show is GREAT.

I am going to blog about Louis, Harvey and Mike on my other blog page because they are phenomenal characters who really need to be examined more closely, but over all I can say that this show delivers in every sense of the words.

Story: Strong running storyline in every episode with smaller stories also present.

Characters: Great character development and great dialogue.

This show brings it every week. If you haven’t watched it, you need to. It’s fantastic.

Here is the best review of the last episode that I have seen today. I can’t really say it any better, so here you are. Written by C. Charles.

C. Charles is a…

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