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Camera Angles vs. Psychological Distance

While writing, there is always the temptation of writing camera angles and directions in a spec script. Sometimes the vision is so powerful and perfect, fingers try and direct the scene with “ANGLE ON:” “BOOM SHOT:” “HELICOPTER SHOT:” or the horrific, “We move in closer to:” This absolutely takes the reader out of the story and these are to be avoided at near any cost.

But the vision…*sadface*

How can the screenwriter accurately portray the scene/shot in the writer’s mind with out beating it over the reader’s head? Answer: psychological distance. Give the reader the sense of the vision, while still giving them the flexibility of imagining it themselves.

Here is the progression:

  • The sun crests over the horizon and illuminates the ocean as a speedboat splashes its way north.
  • The ocean receives the light of the morning sun as the speedboat splashes its way north.
  • The hull of the speedboat is splashed by waves as it heads north as dawn breaks.
  • The DRIVER of the speedboat grimaces at the dawn as he splashes his way north across the ocean.
  • The DRIVER of the speedboat grits his teeth at the dawn as he splashes his way north across the ocean.

Same elements (hell, even mostly the same words), but different perception. From extreme wide-shot to extreme close-up and the flavors in between, subtly manipulating the energy of the shot.

And each reads so much more fluid then a stark:



Speedboat heads north. The DRIVER frowns at the sun.

…Ick. We’re writers damn it, we can do better than *THAT*!

And so we should ^_^

Happy writing everyone!!

“Keep Scrolling If You Don’t Care.” – The Guilt Campaign

Greetings Readers! I promise all my posts won’t be so negative, but for my initial post I need to address this; it’s been digging into me for sometime now and I finally need to just get it off my chest.

Facebook, the great idea of 2004, has since then been a platform that everyone hates and mistrusts yet still use constantly. Like anything, Facebook is what you make of it. I don’t play games on it (well just the one… maybe two. Don’t judge), I stay on as little as possible, keep connected with family and friends out of state (miss you sis!!), and as a general rule don’t ‘friend’ anyone I don’t know in real life. And every so often as I am raging at Facebook at the continually adjusting terms of service, display format, and everything else, I come across posts that make me laugh, make me think (think about laughing), and learn extraordinary new from friends and loved ones and i figure “Eh, Facebook isn’t all that bad.”

Then I get the most irritating posts EVER!

I don’t know who started it, who is continuing it, or why they keep cropping up, but they need to stop. Just this morning I came across a beautiful picture in my news feed of a mother and her son  sharing a hug and a kiss while she was in her military. it was quite beautiful and it made me smile. Then I read the caption:

“Like if you love your MOM

Keep scrolling if you dont………..”

…Seriously? …Effing seriously?

I am immediately disgusted. No matter what the message, what the image, what the cause, what the goal, I resent the hell out of this person. In these 11 words, this person is telling me that I am less of a person if I don’t ‘like’ their silly little page. And this is just one of the tamer ones; I’ve seen this kind of thing about cancer, AIDS, catastrophes, pets, abortion, gay rights, military, government, just all across the political and socioeconomic spectrums.

The Guilt Campaign: designed to make you feel bad inside so you pay attention to what they have to say. I don’t know why they are so successful or why more people aren’t teed off about them. Sure, they can be taken with a light tone, and the causes they promote are indeed noble, I can’t dispute that.

I’m just saying I would like my heart strings to be played with creativity and finesse, not just ripped out of my chest while being screamed at, “WHY U NO CARE ABOUT THINGS?!?!” That’s all I’m saying.